Hike On

Hike On (Keynote, adjustable length) “Take a hike, change your life!” is the inspiring theme of this talk. John reveals how time in nature can benefit us in body, mind and soul, as well strengthen us in our most important relationships. Participants enjoy John’s heartwarming—and laugh out loud—tales from the trail as John shares his unusual profession and life as a hiker.

John outlines the high cost of “Nature Deficit Disorder” and shares the essential strategies and techniques to motivate, inspire, and empower everyone, adults and children alike, to combat it. A key deliverable is John’s “Ten Essentials for Hikers,” inner qualities and directions that help us on the trail and off.

This is John’s most free-form talk that’s customizable to service clubs, corporations, environmental and healthcare organizations, and other groups that resonate with John’s message.

As John explains his mission, “I’ve walked a lot of life trails—happy and sad, easy and challenging and, frankly, more than one path to nowhere. What I’ve learned I want to share. “Take a hike, and change your life!”

Contact John McKinney
Please direct inquiries to  Sophia Lyman or call at 805-965-7200 to learn more about John’s talks and availability, and to book John for your next event. Be sure to ask about special group discounts on John’s books.